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Slides Rider R1 Speed Ad 1165020698

Slides Rider R1 Speed Ad 1165020698

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  • Rider men's slippers will prove themselves during summer days and active rest by the water.
  • Two straps merging into one fixed between the fingers create a light construction of flip-flops.
  • Innovative, flexible material.
  • The sole cushions every step and ensures optimal adhesion to the ground.
  • A small logo.
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100% of the material is recyclable

ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ· 30% of the material is recycled

100% Vege (no raw materials of animal origin)

ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ· Bio product (certified, biodegradable - OK biobased)

No phthalate or its derivatives in the composition