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Burn 100LS V5.0 2 Strung Tennis Racket WR109010U2

Burn 100LS V5.0 2 Strung Tennis Racket WR109010U2

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For players who love to hit from the baseline, Wilson's Burn 100LS brings the heat. This tennis racket is a lighter and more maneuverable version of our Burn 100 with an 18 x 16 string pattern that makes it a dream for spin shots. Featuring a carbon fiber composition with increased frame stiffness, it unleashes plenty of pace upon contact. The v5 is highlighted by a burnt orange color that's sure to pop on court.


Head-light frame: Lighter in weight than 100S version, which provides optimal maneuverability.
Parallel Drilling: A more consistent and forgiving string bed response provided by Parallel Drilling.
High-Performance Carbon Fiber: Increase frame stiffness provided by a carbon fiber build for explosive power.
Spin Effect Technology: Increases RPM and spin potential without players changing swing.
Dynamic Print: Burnt orange metallic print helps you stand out on the court.
High Performance Carbon Fiber

Premium modulus carbon graphite provides increased frame stiffness for explosive power.
Parallel Drilling

Grommet construction provides a consistent, more forgiving string bed response while dramatically increasing the sweet spot. PARAMETERS AND SPECIFICATIONS

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Age Group: Adult
Gender: Unisex
Size Grip size:L2
Head size: 645 cmط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ·ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ·ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ·ط¢آ¢ط·آ¢ط¢آ²
Racket String: No
String Pattern: 18 x 16
Original Colour by Producer:Black/Orange
Colour: Orange
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 686 mm
Weight: 293 g