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Adidas Women's Casual T-Shirt Wtr Icns 3S T Hc2756

Adidas Women's Casual T-Shirt Wtr Icns 3S T Hc2756

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Juggling the hustle of your day just got a little easier, thanks to the TRAINICONS 3-Stripes Tee. Designed with your everyday in mind, this classic tee fits right into your wardrobe as a new fave for the gym, or tucked into jeans after a workout. We've made it easy to incorporate your training sessions into your day-to-day, thanks to adidas AEROREADY. Using sweat wicking or absorbent materials, adidas AEROREADY products keep you feeling dry while you power through your workout. The regular fit is anything but basic. You'll work out in style thanks to an updated wraparound design for the iconic 3-Stripes. While the light, soft, slightly transparent material allows for a pop of color underneath, adding an edge to your look.

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Item model number ط·آ·ط¢آ£ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ£ط¢آ¢ط£آ¢أ¢â€ڑآ¬ط¹â€کط·آ¢ط¢آ¬ط·آ·ط¢آ¹ط·آ«أ¢â‚¬آ  : ط·آ·ط¢آ£ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ£ط¢آ¢ط£آ¢أ¢â€ڑآ¬ط¹â€کط·آ¢ط¢آ¬ط·آ·ط¢آ¹ط·آ¹ط¢آ© HC2756
Department ط·آ·ط¢آ£ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ£ط¢آ¢ط£آ¢أ¢â€ڑآ¬ط¹â€کط·آ¢ط¢آ¬ط·آ·ط¢آ¹ط·آ«أ¢â‚¬آ  : ط·آ·ط¢آ£ط·آ¢ط¢آ¢ط·آ£ط¢آ¢ط£آ¢أ¢â€ڑآ¬ط¹â€کط·آ¢ط¢آ¬ط·آ·ط¢آ¹ط·آ¹ط¢آ© Men's